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  2. Rossalyn Warren and Kelly Oakes did some very serious reporting at BuzzFeed today and discovered a new trend: inanimate objects are joining the anti-feminist movement. 

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  7. Goodfellas (1990)

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    How Frank Ocean came out.

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    artwork: kanye west by Rodney Manabat.

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    an autobiography

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    THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS (Season 4 // Episode 9)

    no explanation as to why the old woman has her head buried in the desk.

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  13. I think for Oberyn Martell, to get as close to his enemies as possible is nothing but advantageous. But the seduction of power, for anyone, is inevitably dangerous, no matter where a person’s “integrity” exists at the start. That’s the thrilling aspect of the show that keeps everyone on their toes. Because as fantastical as the world is, the characters are all written as human beings, flaws and all.

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