1. peter capaldi as ‘malcolm tucker’

    My inspiration

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    keeping up with the news during vacation.

    me every weekend

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    Miles Davis covered in blood after an altercation with police

    "Altercation" sounds so polite, like it was a mutual thing and not one man getting assaulted by the police. Miles got beat up by the police.

    The cops assaulted Miles because he was black. He was standing outside Birdland where he just performed and was taking a break. His name was on the marquee. They saw him escort a white female friend from the club into a taxi and then they approached him after as he was taking a smoke break. The cops told him to “move on”. Miles said he was playing at the club and was on break. They weren’t hearing any of that. One cop then punched him in the stomach, while another one cracked him on the head with a nightstick. That’s why he’s covered in blood. He was a victim of police brutality.

    been my twitter background for ages

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    A trilogy

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    Aaliyah, 1996

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  10. some female artists + feminism

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    dogs arent that great



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  13. I can’t stress enough how much this dog is basically me every day.

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    Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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